Bihar Közösségeiért Alapítvány


Everyday practices - chance to catch up

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
Foundation for Communities of Bihar
Post address: 
4100 Berettyóújfalu, Tardy 2
06-54/401-563, 06-70/6283022
Project manager: 
Kissné Pásztor Irma
Project start date: 
2013. April 1., Monday
Project end date: 
2015. March 31., Tuesday
24 066 900 HUF

1.1 The project goals and objectives are the mitigation of the regional and social disadvantage and the deep poverty’s rising, and the integration of the people lived at a disadvantage with social work and community development. Our goal is that, the people lived at a disadvantage pass through in developmental process: with pizitive changes in their ego, be a work ready state, have the motivation in job-hunting, have the vision of the future, rising up their valoue of the labour market and their self-respect, the self life skills are increased in,so their life will be better.
1.2 chronic job-finder, have low education degree (have only primary school or less), be on GYES/GYED (pregnancy aid), be over 50 years, have big family over 3 children, single parents, roms, changed capacity in work, people with disabilities, entrants
1.3 After the selecting, we make a complex checking in their life. We build up the trainings by right of these summery. The trainings will be communication, job-hunting, self-motivation, self-knowlage, digital literacy. We order consuels, know-how trips to get the idea of the other areas.
1.4 Social workers, community developer, job-advisor, psychologist and project coordinator have diploma in advenced studies and work experience.
1.5 The non-govermental organizations and establisments help the project and use the achievment of the project in other settlement of the microregion in the execution term and after that