Kisebbségi Közösségi Közhasznú Egyesület


ROMA Center Hajdúhadház to help disadvantaged people

Thematic area: 
Roma integration
English name of the organization: 
Minority Association for Community House
Post address: 
4242 Hajdúhadház, Nagy Sándor József u. 21.
Project manager: 
Rostás Zsigmond
Project start date: 
2013. May 1., Wednesday
Project end date: 
2014. April 30., Wednesday
2 825 600 HUF

1.1. Project title:

ROMA Center Hajdúhadház to assist disadvantaged

1.2. Project goals and objectives

The basic objective of the program: helping people (families) who facing serious lag and social discrimination mainly with means of social work (individual case managements, groups, communities)and other human services.

1.3. Target group

Direct target group:
People who live in Hajdúhadház have low education level or non-marketable profession.

Involved persons:
Inhabitants who have low qualifications or nonmarketable profession and besides:
-unemployed for at least a year
- finished at most the ninth or tenth grade more over maybe, with no marketable skills or training by National List.
- Working-age unemployed
-more than two dependent children
-single parent

1.4. Used methods and project activity

Develop the new service, realize the community development, complex individual and group development of the target group.
1. Promoting employability (80 participants expect)
2. Increasing life expectancy
3. Community activities

1.5. Level of involvement and activity of partners

FIKSZ PONT Association (Hajdúhadház) our professional partner will take part in the realizing of this project. Under the project our association’s capacity and professional experience will grow and this service will be useful for disadvantaged unemployed for a long time.