Szomolyai Magyar Roma Egyesület


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Thematic area: 
Scholarship of disadvantaged children
English name of the organization: 
"Hungarian-Roma Association in Szomolya"
Post address: 
3411 Szomolya, Széchenyi út 18.
06-49/426-379, 06-30/416-8828
Project manager: 
Lázár Irén
Project start date: 
2013. March 1., Friday
Project end date: 
2015. March 31., Tuesday
28 118 000 HUF

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Overall goal of the project (24 months) is to generate further development based on earlier projects (focused on Roma community) implemented by our NGO. The project provides complex assistance for Roma children in order to increase their educational/social chances. We want these children/youngsters to finish elementary/secondary school successfully. The project focuses on two small villages situated in a disadvantaged region of Hungary. The direct target group is Roma students (60 persons) attending primary or secondary vocational school, experiencing deep poverty and exclusion. The segregated and low-quality local education system enhances their disadvantaged position. Complex methods: 12 mentors follow 5-5 children. The mentors’ task is to sustain relationship with children, families, teachers, and to work out and organise weekly/monthly plan for each child. The project gives the following assistance for children: mentors, private lessons (taking account personal needs), programmes and trainings, summer camps, health care. We develop contacts with teachers and other professionals working in local level. We also involve families and friends of children through community programmes. At the beginning of the project we make input measurement (skills, competences and state of health of children). We apply for the grant by ourselves. But we involve several local stakeholders focusing on cooperation with teachers, social and health care professionals working locally.