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Let's go together! - roma student network in Felnémeti

Thematic area: 
Scholarship of disadvantaged children
English name of the organization: 
Foundation for Support the Poor in Eger
Post address: 
3300 Eger, Béke utca 60.
Project manager: 
Dr. Farkas Zsuzsanna
Project start date: 
2013. March 1., Friday
Project end date: 
2015. April 30., Thursday
14 362 000 HUF

"Go together!" Network of Roma students in Felnémet
1.Overall goal is to develop social rehabilitation processes generated by our NGO in a Roma ghetto (400 inhabitants) in the suburb of Eger. We try to make our work more intensive based on this project. (Our NGO has been worked here for 15 years.)The programme aims to provide complex assistance, services for Roma children (families); decrease the number of early school-leavers, improve school achievement of students; develop their social competences in order to get successes during their school-career and (marketable) profession.
2.Primary target group is Roma children (aged 12-17) living in the ghetto, attending segregated schools. We involve 60 children in the project. But several services are opened for families and other children as well.
3.Key stakeholders are the “mentors”. They keep in touch with involved children, supervise, organize and support their daily/weekly/monthly life. We focus on organizing, developing children’s communities and social relations (clubs, community programmes etc.). These activities provide the background for other professional services (personal assistance for study, developing social skills and competences etc.).
4.We apply for this grant by ourselves. During the implementation we cooperate with schools, teachers affected by the topic of the programme. The five mentors keep in touch with teachers. We organize 4 work shops involving local educational and social experts.