Gyerekekért SOS 90 Alapítvány


Developing the sweethouse program

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
For Children SOS 90 Foundation
Post address: 
4461 Nyírtelek, Szent István 72
Project manager: 
Lázár Péter
+36 20 455 4853
Project start date: 
2013. April 2., Tuesday
Project end date: 
2014. July 31., Thursday
24 064 000 HUF

1.1.Project goals and objectives:
To establish human and financial resources for the faciliation of the programme. To improve the living conditions of those 25 children and their families who live in the student hostel; to provide social, educational, prevenatitive child protection and health services that promotes success in school. To strengthen co-operation between professionals, civil organisations and local governments. To facilitate and improve a service programme that will promote the integration and inclusion of roma/disadvantaged population. To develop a standardised Kedveshaz programme that can be rolled out nationwide.
1.2.Target group:Roma children/families who live in deep poverty around Nyírtelek
1.3.Project activitity: Social services, preventative child protection, education, development, talent nurturing, cultural and art activities, weekend programmes, health services. Development of resources, use of volunteers, publicity. Working with professionals, programme development.
1.4.Persons involved: 1 social worker, 1 teacher (hostel based), 3 classroom teachers,1 tutor, 1 leader,1 manager of the foundation,1 family support worker,2 activity leaders, 6 volunteers.
1.5.Cooperations, utilisation of results:
With the school: mutual visits, exchange of experiences and information, professional workshops, case conferences. Professional liaisons with local government, local minority self-government, civil organisations: shared programmes, providing assistance.