Camp Europe Felsőörs Oktatási Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.


Music upraises - scholarship program for musically talented roma children and youth

Thematic area: 
Scholarship of disadvantaged children
English name of the organization: 
Camp Europe Felsőörs Education Limited Libalility Company
Post address: 
8227 Felsőörs, Hóvirág utca 28.
+ 36 (87) 799 002, + 36-87/799-004
Project manager: 
Tromposch Julianna
Project start date: 
2013. February 4., Monday
Project end date: 
2015. January 30., Friday
24 134 000 HUF

“Music upraises” Our project is designed to complete the basic service in music teaching offered by the Snétberger Music Talent Foundation. The direct target group of the project is the disadvantaged Roma children and youths 12-18 years of age from all over Hungary, who do have a talent in music, as well as the need and desire to get a more complete education, chance and assistance to finish their schools. The children’s families and institutions are also involved as active participants in the project. Indirectly, our work reaches thousands of people because our students serve as outstanding examples (role models) for their local communities, for concert audiences and for society as a whole.

During the 24 months of the project life cycle we will provide 100 scholarships in form of different eduactional services partly at Felsőörs, during an in-house training, and partly at Budapsst, on week-end classes. The programme elements are:
1) key competence enforcement and social skills re-education
2) intensive language courses
3) personal mentoring
4) self-management and coaching

Our peadagogial system is based on a non-formal, “learning-by-doing” aproach. It builds on the musical knowledge children bring from home. The programme contains a high number of contact hours, community building events, tutoring and personnalized assistance in order to prevent drop out and to answer the best to the individual needs of the students who become a model for their communities.