Nógrád Megyei Cigány Kisebbségi Képviselők és Szószólók Szövetsége


Helping each other

Thematic area: 
Roma integration
English name of the organization: 
Nograd County Roma Minority representatív and the Federal Space
Post address: 
3070 Bátonyterenye, Ózdi út 9.
06-32-355-027 vagy 06-20- 9-144-544 ( elnök)
Project manager: 
Szomora Szilárd
Project start date: 
2013. April 1., Monday
Project end date: 
2014. June 30., Monday
24 021 972 HUF

Supporting the opportunities of learning from each others – strengthening the cooperation between the disadvantaged communities in Nograd County.
Spreading the best practices – collecting good practices and using them among the participants.
Target groups:
Long term unemployed low schooled gipsy and non gipsy people
Group of young people who did not finished the elementary school
Planned steps in both settlements:
Workshops – organizing community programmes
Providing opportunity for finishing elementary school
Education for adults:
Education in order to project participants became farmers
Launching agriculture activities in the local community
Helping people became agricultural entrepreneur
Preparation of project participants establishing social cooperation in Kálló
According to the Bátonyterenye example acquiring skills for operation of programme called: Firing from waste material
Consultancy for project participants in order they out of debt
Professional consultancy of the whole duration of the project for the community of Kálló and Bátonyterenye
Providing field trip for participants in programme called Firing from waste material to Bátonyterenye
Spreading experiences and knowledge among other settlements