Zempléni Gombász Egyesület


Actions for people and nature by the Mycological Association of Zemplén

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
Zemplén Mushroom Society
Post address: 
3950 Sárospatak, Dózsa Gy. u. 30/a
Project manager: 
Kőszeginé Tóth Judit
Project start date: 
2013. March 1., Friday
Project end date: 
2014. November 30., Sunday
2 380 500 HUF

Goals of the project: We intend to invite as many inhabitants of the Zemplén territory as possible to our events, provide them with information about current environmental issues and problems with the help of excellent professionals, in order to motivate them to find solutions together, and to think and behave environmentally. We consider it our task and duty to show and preserve the values of our environment; to reduce mushroom poisoning; to familiarise participants with fungi; and to make a practice of cultivated mushroom hunting. We have to draw the attention of the residents and those who make a living from mushroom hunting to the protection of the forests and other habitats of fungi, and to the professional and limited collection of mushrooms and possible dangers, too.
Target groups: students and teachers of primary and secondary schools, hiker and mushroom hunter residents.
Main activities: presentations and courses, informative and mushroom hunting field trips, photo and mushroom exhibitions, mushroom days,festivals, creating documentary short films, prospectuses and funny worksheets.
People involved: teacher, Biologist, mushroom expert, reporter, camera-man and forester members of our Society; the members of the Swiss “Pilzverein Toggenburg” Society.
Partners: local environmental protection organisations, schools, local governments, Aggtelek National Park, Zemplén Television. Expected result of the project: positive mindset change of the youth and the adults.