Somosi Környezetnevelési Központ


Environmental advisory - another way!

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
Somos Environmental Education Center
Post address: 
3121 Somoskőújfalu, Köztársaság u. 22.
Project manager: 
Molnár Zoltán
Project start date: 
2013. March 1., Friday
Project end date: 
2013. August 31., Saturday
1 780 000 HUF

1. Project title: Advisory - another way!
2. Project goals and objectives
Professional cooperation of two regions to renew public advisory for free
Discovering of professional actions can help and handle economical, social, and environmental issues.
Discovering and evaluating of methods and creating development programs which can help development of advisory organizations and advisors
3. Target group
Inner target group:
a) Beginner organizations and potential advisors who want to join the advisory
b) Experienced advisory organizations and their advisors
Outer target group
a) Target group of information foundation for creating development program
- Inhabitants
- Involving of outer specialist
4. Used methods and project activity
Sampling of public questing for asking advice
Interview: outer partners
Questionnaire: experienced advisors
Review: documents about strategic and qualitative development of advisory organizations
Surveying: beginner advisors and their organizations
Summarizing of researches
Finishing development plan
5. Level of involvement and activity of partners
- beginner organizations and their advisors want to join advisory
- experienced advisory organizations and their advisors
Development plan created as a result of project and it will be able to renew actions of our organization and our professional partners