Holdam Önsegítő és Ismeretterjesztő Egyesület


ACTIVE MOTHERS' VOICE - transferring self-help community models to disadvantaged mothers

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
Holdam Association
Post address: 
3525 Miskolc, Széchenyi u. 19. fsz/7.
Project manager: 
Rácz Linda
Project start date: 
2013. May 2., Thursday
Project end date: 
2015. March 31., Tuesday
23 547 400 HUF

Project title: ACTIVE MOTHERS' VOICE - transferring self-help community models to disadvantaged mothers
The project aims to create innovative and creative community activities how to activate mothers to solve their social problems themselves together. We strenghten women groups by involving them into caring communities to participate for longer terms. We help in personal life situations in women circles like equal rights for mothers, domestic violence, representing mothers voice in local community, creating safe home and safe locations by selfknowledge and by positive value based life strategies.

Target groups: roma mothers, mothers without home, active mothers with stabil existence

At the first part of the project we start a research and social trainings to prepare involved participants. At the second stage we run community self-help workshops for mothers for their empowerment. Finally we act together in local society (producing Ative Mothers' Voice magazin, outreach programmes with mother groups of different backgrounds, joint family meetings and summer camp).

A project leader, 2 assistants and an administrator will be employed by Holdam Association. The partners give one coordinator - each. We achieve our activities at 4 project location: Holdam udvar - Mother Center, Mother Center of Szikszó, Avas and Reformed Maternity House.

The main result of our project to generate a network between mother groups of different background.