Vesebetegek B.-A.-Z. Megyei Egyesülete


Social services for end-stage kidney-failure patients

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
Nephropathic Patient's Organezation of Borsod County
Post address: 
3521 Miskolc, Berekkert utca 76.3
20/3939 908
Project manager: 
Korinthus Katalin
Project start date: 
2013. May 2., Thursday
Project end date: 
2014. June 30., Monday
10 188 560 HUF

1. To bettering the patients’ quality of life and his life chance, to develop their caring ability. The forms of this: the helping of the most serious condition patients with poor financial status, the helping of the integration of a Romany’s patients with a large family children, the increase of teh patients’ activity, the creation of special employment forms onto the work for capable and ready patients. The forming of supporting social environment.
2. 400 ESRD patients.
3. Situation analysis, create database of the patients, the needs, the necessary services. Publication and conference on the projekt. Programs: „FOR ALL” – supporting the social space, improving quality of life. Yoga, swimming, trip, cultural and community events. „WE HELP” – social helping for the patients with the worst condition 120 hours a week. „OUR FUTURE” – helping for deprived parents’ children 20 hours a week, community events, camp help with volunteers.
4. Facilities may use teh 400 patients and 15-20 deprived childrens. These services are provided to patients in voluntary work (5-10 persons), employment (4 persons), hourly price (10 persons) and the professionals in ad-hoc assignement.
5. Collaborate with families, medical staff , professionals, Diósgyőr Reformed Church District and other patients organizations. Expected result: the implementation of the goals, creating the conditions for the continuation and to share experiences int he patient’s country organizations.