Zöldutak Módszertani Egyesület


Greenway community development for sustainability, environmental awareness and the network cooperation of living villages

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
Greenways Methodology Association
Post address: 
Göncöl Ház, Vác Ilona u. 3. 2600
+36 20 279-7773
Project manager: 
Budai Krisztina
Project start date: 
2013. May 1., Wednesday
Project end date: 
2014. November 1., Saturday
20 588 980 HUF

The organizations cooperating in this project set themselves the goal to establish living communities, families seeking and finding job oppurtunities, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable regional connections and activities.
In 57 municipality of Nógrád county we intend to show an example for survival and sustainability of the fatally endangered rural way of life, in regional cooperation, community based planning, with help of a complex greenway method which is adaptable to local conditions and offers solutions for local problems. Target group of the project is the population of the municipalities.
Main activities:
finding key persons: local organizers who are committed to an organizing, community-building activity for 18 months;
exploration of surviving knowledge: tracing and recording of local traditions, skills and expertise, forms of husbandry (indigenous varieties of plants, traditional crafts), establishing gene banks for indigenous fruit types;
passing on of surviving knowledge: trainings in fruit cultivation or basket veawing by local masters;
openness to the demands of our times: trainings of tour guides
preserving and promoting of tradition in form of „learning gardens” at schools;
preserving of traditional values: planting and maintaining of indigenous fruit trees;
network building: establishing, connecting and planning of green ways, support for marketing of local products, organizing of shopping communities.