Szalonnai Sport és Közösségfejlesztő Egyesület


Model community service of Szalonna

Thematic area: 
Roma integration
English name of the organization: 
Szalonnai Sport and Community Development Association
Post address: 
3754 Szalonna, Petőfi út 26.
Project manager: 
Wágner-Lakatos Tamás
+36 70 432 9913
Project start date: 
2013. April 15., Monday
Project end date: 
2014. December 15., Monday
18 828 000 HUF

A receptive and equitable society, through the implementation of exclusion-free projects aimed at Roma people, young people & children primarily living in segregated areas, providing equal access to services
Development & operation of model services facilitating social inclusion & integration, maintaining the capacities of the Szalonna PILOTPROJECT
Development of services run in the community space located under Szalonna Petőfi 41 & their expansion with alternative labour market elements, the operation of the Information & Welfare Office and of a family integration model
PRIMARY TARGET GROUP: 30people of 15-59 years of age living in Szalonna, a village in the Edelény District of multiple disadvantage, who have inadequate schooling, no skills inadequate vocational education, who are unemployed or inactive; of them, 25persons are Roma
SECONDARY: persons, communities & formal and informal organisations who have family or community ties with members of the primary target group & are part of their social integration, who, in some form, benefit from the services provided by the project and indirectly some positive change comes into being in their status in society and the community
Training & labour market services, consulting
Social support services
Digital competency development
Development of basic skills
Individual & small group development focussed on individual needs & abilities, prepararion for placement in training /employment
Development of a cooperative network