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Give me your hand - support network

Thematic area: 
Scholarship of disadvantaged children
English name of the organization: 
Give me your hand to facilitate the creation of equal opportunities in education and the labor market, non-profit association
Post address: 
4401 Nyíregyháza, pf.280
Project manager: 
Kóka Ágnes
+36 30 433 7171
Project start date: 
2013. March 1., Friday
Project end date: 
2015. March 31., Tuesday
36 117 000 HUF

Project title: „Give me your hand” - the support system

Our association’s principle to support our target group with programs, which based on real needs and harmonize with the needs of the target group. Cooperation and common thinking are important in our association’s life, so we developed the professional contents of the current program along this principle, which respond to the problems of the target group. A previous survey had made by volunteers in form of family visits and interviews among the disadvantaged families in Tiszavasvári. During these conversations stakeholders could tell their problems and their ideas, so we can get an objective view of the current situation and needs of this population. These pretensions become planning and visible at the design and developing of the program elements. Our association plan to operate activities, which complement the traditional teaching techniques; which are personality-specific, and contribute the guarantee of the disadvantaged and roma children’s equal opportunities. The project provides community space for the self-determination and the ability to self-governing of the students. We operate the mentoring activities, give assistance in the subject, and we also operate the Career module, Media-IT module, Music and Dance module. Addition we plan organisation of trips, outdoor and sport activities, and we would like to organize Parenting Clubs.