Beklen a Nagykunsági Civil Társadalomért Alapítvány


From animal keeping to local food: landscape protection activities for the improvement of local consuming habits

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
 Civil Society Development Foundation in Nagykunság
Post address: 
5420 Túrkeve, Ecsegi u. 22.
Project manager: 
Barna Tamás
Project start date: 
2013. January 1., Tuesday
Project end date: 
2014. November 30., Sunday
17 243 000 HUF

From animal keepint to local food: landscape protection activities for the improvement of local consuming habits

Improving the ability of regeneration of the landscape with the popularization of sustainable landscape management Establishing the infrastructure of processing of milk at local level and the promotion of local goods
Overall goal is rural development better rural quality of living, decreasing of food-dependence, actions which improve the food safety, maintenance of regional biodiversity

Directly affected target group is the 25 000 inhabitants of Mezőtúr Kisújszállás and Kuncsorba In practical activities approximately 8-9 persons are involved regarding the direct pilot projects the target group of other 3-4 initiative

1.popularization of Hungarian cattle
2.propagation of the traditional grazing animal keeping
3.introducing the opportunities in the local milk processing
4.establishing the local milk processing possibilities in the local milk hall
5.providing the possibility of milk processing for the local inhabitants
6.promoting local foods
7.dissemination of information about the food safety

Most important partners are: local government local cattle and goat keepers, potential animal keepers indirectly the inhabitant of the region and the media
1.Establishing the local milk processing together with the local farmers in an old milk hall, which belongs to the local government
2.Distribution of the principles of the sustainable land use management