Banya-Tanya Alapítvány


Bátor Cottage - Village-town community building for sustainability

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
Witch-Farm Foundation
Post address: 
3336 Bátor, Petőfi Sándor u. 18.
Project manager: 
Máthé Orsolya
Project start date: 
2013. April 1., Monday
Project end date: 
2014. March 31., Monday
4 776 000 HUF

"Bátor Cottage" - Village-Town Community Building for Sustainability
To popularize sustainable and self-supplying village lifestyle. To create and sustain a livable village community.
To build a living connection between village and town inhabitants.
To return the values of creative physical work, and build and operate an exchange trade system in village-town relation.
To spread environmental friendly and economical household methods in order to approach sustainable development
To collect, organize, sustain and spread traditional heirloom plant and animal genoms.
Target group
Active members of „Bátor Kaláka” cca 40 people
Environmentally conscious inhabitants of Eger and its outskirts (10000)
Inhabitants of the surrounding small villages, struggling with livelihood problems (4000)
People who plan to move to the countryside, stiving to self-supplying, who need practical experiences.
•Used methods and project activity
Organic garden and breeding farm for sustaining the collected heirloom seeds and animals, supplying healthy food and products
Community work events in the field of self-supplyig
Trainings, field studies
Collecting, renewing, buying traditional worktools, traing people how to use them, lending them to community members
Operating a local exchange trade system (LETS) in Eger and the surrounding villages
Organizing community events like traditional celebrations, holidays, handcraft workshops