Önmegvalósítás Egyesület



Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
Association of self-Realization
Post address: 
3531 Miskolc, Győri kapu 24/B 1/104
0646739732, 306374123, 306096228
Project manager: 
Danó Erika
Project start date: 
2013. May 2., Thursday
Project end date: 
2015. February 28., Saturday
9 000 400 HUF

Summary of the project

The aim of the project: significant shortening of mental and medical therapy of addicts with supplementary therapies, system approach. Enhancement of individual/family „potency”, relapse and enhancing responsibility, reducing relapse, enhancing and maintaining ability to work and activity.

Target group: Addicts over 16 (living in Miskolc) and their close relatives.

Main activities: We develop orientation towards success with the help of dog training in groups and getting around the typical avoiding mechanisms, we speed up recovery with adoption of a dog we extend the new life-style for 8-10 years.

Art therapy: the goal is the physical and mental health, family balance, and then constructive attitude.

Music therapy: discovers the potential of the person, restores damaged functions, and thus it provides better internal and interpersonal integration.

Job counselling: beyond the standards of the Job Centres, for individuals and groups also.

Persons involved: dog trainer, art-therapist, music-therapist, cultural manager, social pedagogue, psychologist.

Cooperation with: dog asylum, psychiatrists, community care, family therapists.

Exploitation of the results: After the accreditation of our programme, we make it available for specialists working with addicts.