Vanyarcért Egyesület


We do not stand idly by

Thematic area: 
Roma integration
English name of the organization: 
Association for Vanyarc
Post address: 
2688 Vanyarc, Kossth Lajos út 101.
Project manager: 
Kiss Boglárka
Project start date: 
2013. April 1., Monday
Project end date: 
2014. March 31., Monday
7 535 820 HUF

1. We do not Watch idly
1.Project goals and objectives
Take active action against extreme poverty, and the establishment, set up and start of a non-profit, self-employed entrepreneurship which is providing income for its participants.
2.Target group
The unemployed and/or severe low-income, lagging (falling behind) individuals and families, living in our village and its direct neighbourhood.
3.Key activities
•Managing the establishment of a non-profit business.
•Support of integration into the local social environment, support of publicity and transparency, adaptation into the rural tourism.
•The monitoring and evaluation processes, management control, assistance in solving problems.
4.People involved:
•Enterprise members (10-15 people) & future employees
•Volunteers of the Association, officers (10-12 +5 people)
•Instructors/Trainers (3-5)
•Experts (2-3)
•Municipality and its Administration (mayor, notary)
•Herman Geerts (+2 persons from PortAgora)
5.Co-operations and exploitation of the results:
•Participants of the "Gardening families 2012" program.
•The newly formed social cooperative.
•Experts (community building, conflict management, business enterprise).
•Instructors (craftsmen, herbal chemist, mushroom expert and food hygiene).
•Local Government and its office.
•Consumer groups (work, housing and urban communities).
•PortAgora, a Dutch non-profit organization (export market research, mediation).
•Employment Information Point. (Kálló).