Forrás Lelki Segítők Egyesülete


In a community – a place that is ours

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
"Forrás" Mental Helpers' Association
Post address: 
4031 Debrecen, Kishegyesi út 36.
52/ 492-757, 30-625-9448
Project manager: 
Gyarmati Barna
Project start date: 
2013. July 1., Monday
Project end date: 
2013. September 30., Monday
1 342 000 HUF

In a community–a place that is ours
To give place to a community,to raise interest in creating and maintaining a healthy,drug-free,austere lifestyle. In order to reach these aims,we cook,prepare meals together,play boardgames,play music,and do other entertaining activities that are – according to our experience - popular among the members of the target group. We make use of the personality – forming and retaining abilities of the community.
The young between 16-22,who live in Debrecen and in blocks of flats,are bored,with difficult family background,who would like to belong somewhere,and this makes them join groups with drug addict – and alcoholist members. Because of the retaining abilities of the community,it is almost perfectly sure,that later they themselves become users too.
During Wednesday and Friday evening sessions,there are opportunities to play music (the guitar),table football,darts,table tennis,to have an informal chat,to have some coffee, mineral water,to eat together the meals that they prepared,to enjoy themselves,to belong to a community,to learn how to hang out without addictives. Our programme has a new element: the more regular use of kitchen.
Our colleagues,social workers,mental health experts. Usually 10-15 persons/session attend. The participants of the programme can experience what they gain by a drug–free,healthy lifestyle, by health – consciousness. This way they can create social relationships,that can form a more effective and healthier socie