H-Union Magyar Társadalom és Gazdaságfejlesztési Szövetség


Community garden at the edge of the city

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
H-Union Union
Post address: 
3300 Eger, Faiskola út 12/B, 2. em. 6.
Project manager: 
Nagy Gábor
Project start date: 
2013. February 1., Friday
Project end date: 
2013. August 31., Saturday
2 811 000 HUF

Our aim is to offer an efficient solution for those neglected lands located on the outskirts of towns that can become agricultural lands. We wish to set up an allotment that can stand as a prototype for a community garden, thus encourage the citizens to use these lands.
Direct target markets: 30-60 farmers, their families, college students.
Other target markets:
• Secondary schools
• Civil organisations that deal with the protection of the environment
• Indirectly the entire local community
Preparation: A marketing campaign aimed at the local community to introduce the project and encourage the participation.
Realisation of the project: plot division, cultivating the land with the envolvement of the direct target market.
Post-Production: publishing the results of the project on related websites
Persons involved:
Preparation: The Union and the volunteers of it’s 8 sub organisation, skilled agricultural cultivators, college students
Realization of the project: People who applied to participate in to he project, skilled agricultural cultivators, college students and other volunteers.
Production: Volunteers, skilled agricultural cultivators
Coopertations, and utilizing the results:
The project is the cooperations of the following organisations: H-Union Union, and it’s 8 sub organisation, the Local Goverment of the town Eger, Karoly Eszterhazy College and other agricultural organisations. By the end of the project 3000 m2 of land be turned into