Csereháti Roma Önsegítő Közhasznú Egyesület


Youth-Community-Media; Media network development in 10 settlements of the Cserehát

Thematic area: 
Roma integration
English name of the organization: 
Cserehát Roma Self-support Public Interest Association
Post address: 
3787 Tomor, Kossuth út 110
0620 278 58 63
Project manager: 
Siroki László
Project start date: 
2013. May 1., Wednesday
Project end date: 
2014. April 30., Wednesday
14 120 700 HUF

Youth-Community-Media; Media network development in 10 settlements of the Cserehát
The aim of the project is to teach media basic knowledge to 30 young people of the Cserehát, to create a regional news agency, to promote employment opportunities with mentoring the Cserepressz members. Presenting Cserehát’s Roma and non-Roma culture with the media and internet. Generating new staff, establish their basis, start their work, generate a network.
Target group contents those, disadvantaged young people (between 13 and 20), who are living in the municipalities identified in the project and who are members of the Cserepressz press agency.
10 Cserepressz reporters will get mentor training from those professionals, who are currently in the national media (editing, photography, journalism, blog writing and basic media pedagogy). Project starting camp (we’ll choose 50 youngsters from the 10 settlements, during the 2-days-camp we’ll choose those 30 who will operate the regional news agency in 3-person staff). Youngsters will meet with their mentors once a week, and they discuss the actual topics and plan the next week’s working, shooting plan. Organize and implement a 5-day-long summer camp.
Collaborators: Halmaj Roma Minority Self-Government, Szakácsi Roma Minority Self-Government, Léh Roma Minority Self-Government