Fordulópont Kiemelkedően Közhasznú Egyesület



Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
"Forulópont" Prominently Non-profit Association
Post address: 
4501 Kemecse, Vasmegyeri út 23.
Project manager: 
Budainé Kiss Tünde
Project start date: 
2014. May 1., Thursday
Project end date: 
2015. February 28., Saturday
2 158 200 HUF

Our project will draw attention to the equal treatment. We will bring young and adult peolpe on our project.

Parts of our program:

- knowledge transfer and approach forming for the adult people
- in volunteering program help other people
- consulting on internet and we will operate an Advisory office, and we help those people, who not receiving equal treatment
- we will look for other organisation, and we will provide information for them about the principle of equal treatment,about rights and responsibilities
-„Adventure trip” for the young people. Our goal the interactive raising awareness.
- Issue about the principle of equal treatment and the treatment of prejudice.
- Team meetings for professionals involved in the project

The most important goal of our project the practical knowledge transfer, the helping,the development of social sensitization and the reduction of prejudices.