„ ADD A KEZED” Püspökladányi Nagycsaládosok Egyesülete


We help you to help yourself

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
"GIVE ME YOUR HAND" Association of Large Families Püspökladány
Post address: 
4150 Püspökladány, Kodály Zoltán u. 4.
06-54 450-009, +36-70 776-0877
Project manager: 
Szilágyiné Kerekes Margit
Project start date: 
2014. March 1., Saturday
Project end date: 
2014. December 30., Tuesday
11 970 000 HUF

The current project has the following objectives:
1. Creating family-friendly conditions by developing, introducing and using appropriate methods as well as involving more supporting members and expanding the social services’ portfolio.
2. Raising awareness about the importance of healthy life-style by promoting novel nutrition habits
3. Giving helping-care for families and mothers.
4. Tackling the problem of stress and helping people with disadvantage on the labour market
5. Organising programmes for larger families with low incomes and their children
6. Distributing donations
7. Debt consulting

Target group of the project: the middle class with lower income.
During the project implementation we plan to expand our services on the neighbouring towns and villages in the Microregion by organising road-shows for workshops for the wide public in topics of health promotion, youth protection, job-seeking and preparing for the adult life as well as by screening the health status of inhabitants. We will organise summer camps and weekend free-time events in order to promote the heatlhy lifestyle and the traditional social values. We will continue organising our current programmes (club meetings, trainings, camps), and expand the scope of our service provision, all this to reach a higher level of cohesion among the local communities.