Ökológiai Intézet a Fenntartható Fejlődésért Alapítvány


Towards Sustainable Lifestyle (ToSLi)

Thematic area: 
Responses to environmental concerns
English name of the organization: 
Ecological Institute for Sustainable Development
Post address: 
3525 Miskolc, Kossuth L. u. 13
Project manager: 
Vigh Andrea
Project start date: 
2014. April 1., Tuesday
Project end date: 
2015. February 28., Saturday
10 717 000 HUF

Project goals and objectives are to contribute to the growing knowledge of sustainable life style, in order to reduce pressure on environment by using natural resources - soil, forest, biodiversity and energy - on a sustainable way. The associated social aim is to enable the target groups to cut their expenses by applying simple and cheap techniques
At least 8 local governments of Gömör region, public workers and their head, concerned and interested local people, students, disadvantageous people.
The main activity is to deliver training courses on sustainable use of resources, such as the organic way of gardening, composting, compost toilet construction, compost based heated greenhouse, the efficient burning of firewood, utilizing the radiation of sun, construction of bier's can collector, sustainable way of living in households, sustainable management of orchard and local land races. To make these education activities feasible a building will be restored and equipped, some prototype of new techniques will be constructed (compost based heated greenhouse; rocket stove, compost toilet; bier's can solar dryer), and training materials will be provided in printed and electronic forms. Visitors programs are foreseen in the Gömörszőlős visitors centre to motivate local people to take part in the program.
The result of the project, such as prototypes, training materials make possible to utilize the benefit of this project in the future for the use of other regions and communit