Kornéliusz Háza Misziós Egyesület


For the renewing Newtown

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
Kornelius House Mission Association
Post address: 
5000 Szolnok, Kassai utca 15.
+36209888133, +36202347899
Project manager: 
Dr Hecker Róbert
06/20 3777 456
Project start date: 
2014. February 1., Saturday
Project end date: 
2015. January 15., Thursday
7 680 420 HUF

The House of Kornéliusz Missionary Unity does the closeing up activity of the most disadvantageous areas of the city of Szolnok. It accomplishes its tasks in accordance to its agreement of cooperation with the Local Government of the County City of Szolnok.
5000 people live in this inhabitant area, struggling with serious social, cultural, educational, and employment disadvantages. 30% of the population of the city district is of gipsy origin, so the tensions of gipsy-hungarian coexistence and the gradual reduction of public safety are special problems.

Our plans for handling these problems:

1. Elevation of the gipsy populace to elemental school educational level. (15 people)
2. Directing youth club activities on a weekly basis, with themes of self-knowledge and personality development. (40 people)
3. Easing of tension between adults of diverse social and cultural backgrounds with the use of community-building group activities and other programs(30 people). Grooming of the natural enviroment (playgrounds and parks) by uniting the populace. (50-100 people)
4. To prevent further degradation of public safety, we organize agression-managing training in 60-30 hours for the compound of gipsy-hungarian trainband group formed and managed by our organization.(15 people)