Szúcs Községért Egyesület


"Miner settlement"

Thematic area: 
Provision of social services
English name of the organization: 
For Szúcs Village Organization
Post address: 
3338 Szúcs, Kossuth L. 40.
36/485-080, 30/535-78-45
Project manager: 
Csóka Sándorné
36/485-080, 30/535-78-45
Project start date: 
2014. March 1., Saturday
Project end date: 
2015. February 28., Saturday
12 023 500 HUF

Our project aims to reduce negative effects of geographic and social distance between the “village” (Sirok) and its segregated area (Bagoly-lyuk). The community house working in the “village” and other services are not easily available for people living in the former miner settlement. We intend to reach and involve (mainly) Roma families (120-130 people) living in a “ghetto” situated 2,5 kms from the village. That’s why we plan to establish a community place (with reconstruction of the old school) in Bagoly-lyuk. It can facilitate, make the involvement process easier, and can open “access path” towards the village. The project provides different services and programmes (individual support system, job-seeking, learning, community programmes and actions) for excluded people. In this work we can use experiences, methods, connections of a project (TÁMOP 5.1.3.) implementing in Sirok. Our association has a smaller project (NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants) relating a “common issue” of the village. In this project we develop the lakeside (and its small island) of the village, what could have positive, integrative effects on our present programme.
The two main elements of the projects are to establish, reconstruction a comfortable, open community place; to mobilize Roma people living in the segregated, isolated area of Sirok; to improve the quality of their life. As results of the project people will have better connections to the village, they will become more active and mobile.